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Widemouth Blindcat
Satan eurystomus

Verbatim Donor Data

Donor Family: Ictaluridae
Donor Genus:  
Donor Species: Satan eurystomus
Donor Hybrid Species:  
Donor Subspecies:  
Donor Num Specimens:  
Donor Preparation: preparations: | basisOfRecord: UNKNOWN
Donor Collector:  
Donor Determiner: identifiedBy: | dateIdentified:
Donor Specimen Notes: type: | institutionID: | collectionID: | datasetID: | dynamicProperties: | occurrenceID: | recordNumber: | sex: | lifeStage: | otherCatalogNumbers: | occurrenceRemarks: | organismID: | identificationQualifier: | typeStatus: | identificationRemarks: | genus: Satan | specificEpithet: eurystomus | infraspecificEpithet: | issue: BASIS_OF_RECORD_INVALID | mediaType:
Donor Collected Date: 1985..
Donor Field Number: 1.0
Donor Drainage:  
Donor Country: US
Donor State: Texas
Donor County:  
Donor Locality: higherGeography: | waterBody: | islandGroup: | island: | municipality: | verbatimLocality: | locality: Bexar
Donor Collecting Event Remarks: bibliographicCitation: | identifier: 80-3731-2840 | license: CC_BY_NC_4_0 | references: | rights: These data are made available by NatureServe with permission of the relevant natural heritage programs and conservation data centers (http://www.natureserve.org/visitLocal/index.jsp), and use of these data is governed by the terms of NatureServe's data sharing agreements with these independent data custodians. These data are available for non-commercial conservation, educational, and research use, but may not be repackaged or redistributed in any form without written permission. Appropriate acknowledgment of NatureServe and its natural heritage program members should be made in any reports or other products derived from these data. NatureServe makes no warranty as to the currency, completeness, or accuracy of these data, and shall have no liability or responsibility to the data users, or any other person or entity with respect to any liability, loss, or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by the dataset. | rightsHolder: NatureServe | source: | datasetName: NatureServe Network Species Occurrence Data | ownerInstitutionCode: | informationWithheld: | establishmentMeans: | eventID: | habitat: | samplingProtocol: | fieldNotes: | eventRemarks: http://www.natureserve.org/explorer/servlet/NatureServe?searchSpeciesUid=ELEMENT_GLOBAL.2.100902 | locationID: | locationAccordingTo: | locationRemarks: | coordinateUncertaintyInMeters: | coordinatePrecision: | georeferencedBy: | georeferenceProtocol: | georeferenceSources: | georeferenceVerificationStatus: | georeferenceRemarks:
Donor Latitude:  
Donor Longitude:  
Donor Latitude DMS:  
Donor Longitude DMS:  
Donor Datum:  
Donor Error:  

Record Basis and Source

Institution Type: Citizen Science
Institution: NatureServe
Source Type: Miscellaneous
Source: NatureServe
No collector information is available for this record.

Collecting Event

Collected: Jan. 1, 1985 - Dec. 31, 1985
Collecting Event ID: 315323
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Collecting Event Field Notes

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Taxon: Satan eurystomus
Determiner: Unknown
Staff Notes:

Suspect Notes: None
Captive: no
Number of Specimens: No data


Locality Photos
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Ecoregion: No Info Available
HUC Subbasin:
HUC Name: No Info Available
HUC Code: No Info Available
Description: Victor Braunig Reservoir
No Map Available Unknown Lat/Long

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