A Virtual Museum on the State's Fish Biodiversity


Funding for the project has come from these institutions and individuals.

Institutional support

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department - funding via the federal State Wildlife Grant program and sometimes other sources since 2002. In October 2011 we strengthened our collaboration with Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) by signing a memorandum of understanding to facilitate future growth and maintenance of this project.

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality - funding for parts of the overall project 2007-2009.

University of Texas at Austin

College of Natural Sciences - funding for early implementation of web pages.

Texas Natural Science Center - basic long-term (2002-2014) support of TNHC collection and part of web programming related to this project.

Department of Integrative Biology - basic long-term (2014-current) support of TNHC collection.

Texas Advanced Computing Center - website hosting, data archiving.

U.S. Department of the Interior's Landscape Conservation Cooperative Program - funding for some data compilation and processing.

Private Donations

Private donations have made substantive contributions for specific tasks and have facilitated some of the grants above by contributing to the match required by many federal programs.

A special thanks to Jonathan and Marika Schoolar who supplied the first major private gift to Fishes of Texas, greatly accelerating our efforts to serve photographs of Texas fishes in their natural habitats.

The Seashore endowment of the Texas Natural Science Center has provided support for acquisition of new specimens by the Texas Natural History Collection, thus adding many more Texas occurrence records to the Fishes of Texas Project database.