A Virtual Museum on the State's Fish Biodiversity

Identification Keys

Hubbs et al. (2008) checklist and key

The complete (static version as originally published) of the Hubbs et al (2008) checklist including the key can be downloaded for free in its original format as a PDF courtesy of our Hubbs Ichthyological Society website. We also created a digital, interactive version of this same key with hyperlinks among couplets and other improvements that we hope improve usability and serve it via the Key tab in www.fishesoftexas.org.

New Improved Interactive Keys in Development!

We are developing completely new, highly interactive and fully illustrated, non-dichotomous digital keys that we believe will be significant improvements over the other keys currently available for Texas. As they reach the point of potentially benefiting from outside testing and review, we are making them available for testing via our "Sandbox" testing area.