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Specimen-based Checklists: Subbasin
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Subbasin Checklists
HUC Code Subbasin Parent Basin
11080001 Canadian Headwaters Upper Canadian
11080002 Cimarron Upper Canadian
11080003 Upper Canadian Upper Canadian
11080004 Mora Upper Canadian
11080005 Conchas Upper Canadian
11080006 Upper Canadian-Ute Reservoir Upper Canadian
11080007 Ute Upper Canadian
11080008 Revuelto Upper Canadian
11090101 Middle Canadian-Trujillo Middle Canadian
11090102 Punta de Agua Middle Canadian
11090103 Rita Blanca Middle Canadian
11090104 Carrizo Middle Canadian
11090105 Lake Meredith Middle Canadian
11090106 Middle Canadian-Spring Middle Canadian
11090201 Lower Canadian-Deer Lower Canadian
11090202 Lower Canadian-Walnut Lower Canadian
11090203 Little Lower Canadian
11090204 Lower Canadian Lower Canadian
11100101 Upper Beaver Upper Beaver
11100102 Middle Beaver Upper Beaver
11100103 Coldwater Upper Beaver
11100104 Palo Duro Upper Beaver
11100201 Lower Beaver Lower Beaver
11100202 Upper Wolf Lower Beaver
11100203 Lower Wolf Lower Beaver
11100301 Middle North Canadian Lower North Canadian
11100302 Lower North Canadian Lower North Canadian
11100303 Deep Fork Lower North Canadian
11120101 Tierra Blanca Prairie Dog Town Fork Red
11120102 Palo Duro Prairie Dog Town Fork Red
11120103 Upper Prairie Dog Town Fork Red Prairie Dog Town Fork Red
11120104 Tule Prairie Dog Town Fork Red
11120105 Lower Prairie Dog Town Fork Red Prairie Dog Town Fork Red
11120201 Upper Salt Fork Red Salt Fork Red
11120202 Lower Salt Fork Red Salt Fork Red
11120301 Upper North Fork Red North Fork Red
11120302 Middle North Fork Red North Fork Red
11120303 Lower North Fork Red North Fork Red
11120304 Elm Fork Red North Fork Red
11130101 Groesbeck-Sandy Red-Pease
11130102 Blue-China Red-Pease
11130103 North Pease Red-Pease
11130104 Middle Pease Red-Pease
11130105 Pease Red-Pease
11130201 Farmers-Mud Red-Lake Texoma
11130202 Cache Red-Lake Texoma
11130203 West Cache Red-Lake Texoma
11130204 North Wichita Red-Lake Texoma
11130205 South Wichita Red-Lake Texoma
11130206 Wichita Red-Lake Texoma
11130207 Southern Beaver Red-Lake Texoma
11130208 Northern Beaver Red-Lake Texoma
11130209 Little Wichita Red-Lake Texoma
11130210 Lake Texoma Red-Lake Texoma
11130301 Washita Headwaters Washita
11130302 Upper Washita Washita
11130303 Middle Washita Washita
11130304 Lower Washita Washita
11140101 Bois D'arc-Island Red-Little
11140102 Blue Red-Little
11140103 Muddy Boggy Red-Little
11140104 Clear Boggy Red-Little
11140105 Kiamichi Red-Little
11140106 Pecan-Waterhole Red-Little
11140107 Upper Little Red-Little
11140108 Mountain Fork Red-Little
11140109 Lower Little Arkansas, Oklahoma Red-Little
11140201 McKinney-Posten Bayous Red-Saline
11140202 Middle Red-Coushatta Red-Saline
11140203 Loggy Bayou Red-Saline
11140204 Red Chute Red-Saline
11140205 Bodcau Bayou Red-Saline
11140206 Bayou Pierre Red-Saline
11140207 Lower Red-Lake Iatt Red-Saline
11140208 Saline Bayou Red-Saline
11140209 Black Lake Bayou Red-Saline
11140301 Sulphur Headwaters Big Cypress-Sulphur
11140302 Lower Sulpher Big Cypress-Sulphur
11140303 White Oak Bayou Big Cypress-Sulphur
11140304 Cross Bayou Big Cypress-Sulphur
11140305 Lake O'the Pines Big Cypress-Sulphur
11140306 Caddo Lake Big Cypress-Sulphur
11140307 Little Cypress Big Cypress-Sulphur
12010001 Upper Sabine Sabine
12010002 Middle Sabine Sabine
12010003 Lake Fork Sabine
12010004 Toledo Bend Reservoir Sabine
12010005 Lower Sabine Sabine
12020001 Upper Neches Neches
12020002 Middle Neches Neches
12020003 Lower Neches Neches
12020004 Upper Angelina Neches
12020005 Lower Angelina Neches
12020006 Village Neches
12020007 Pine Island Bayou Neches
12030101 Upper West Fork Trinity Upper Trinity
12030102 Lower West Fork Trinity Upper Trinity
12030103 Elm Fork Trinity Upper Trinity
12030104 Denton Upper Trinity
12030105 Upper Trinity Upper Trinity
12030106 East Fork Trinity Upper Trinity
12030107 Cedar Upper Trinity
12030108 Richland Upper Trinity
12030109 Chambers Upper Trinity
12030201 Lower Trinity-Tehuacana Lower Trinity
12030202 Lower Trinity-Kickapoo Lower Trinity
12030203 Lower Trinity Lower Trinity
12040101 West Fork San Jacinto San Jacinto
12040102 Spring San Jacinto
12040103 East Fork San Jacinto San Jacinto
12040104 Buffalo-San Jacinto San Jacinto
12040201 Sabine Lake Galveston Bay-Sabine Lake
12040202 East Galveston Bay Galveston Bay-Sabine Lake
12040203 North Galveston Bay Galveston Bay-Sabine Lake
12040204 West Galveston Bay Galveston Bay-Sabine Lake
12040205 Austin-Oyster Galveston Bay-Sabine Lake
12050001 Yellow House Draw Brazos Headwaters
12050002 Blackwater Draw Brazos Headwaters
12050003 North Fork Double Mountain Fork Brazos Brazos Headwaters
12050004 Double Mountain Fork Brazos Brazos Headwaters
12050005 Running Water Draw Brazos Headwaters
12050006 White Brazos Headwaters
12050007 Salt Fork Brazos Brazos Headwaters
12060101 Middle Brazos-Millers Middle Brazos-Clear Fork
12060102 Upper Clear Fork Brazos Middle Brazos-Clear Fork
12060103 Paint Middle Brazos-Clear Fork
12060104 Lower Clear Fork Brazos Middle Brazos-Clear Fork
12060105 Hubbard Middle Brazos-Clear Fork
12060201 Middle Brazos-Palo Pinto Middle Brazos-Bosque
12060202 Middle Brazos-Lake Whitney Middle Brazos-Bosque
12060203 Bosque Middle Brazos-Bosque
12060204 North Bosque Middle Brazos-Bosque
12070101 Lower Brazos-Little Brazos Lower Brazos
12070102 Yegua Lower Brazos
12070103 Navasota Lower Brazos
12070104 Lower Brazos Lower Brazos
12070201 Leon Little
12070202 Cowhouse Little
12070203 Lampasas Little
12070204 Little Little
12070205 San Gabriel Little
12080001 Lost Draw Upper Colorado
12080002 Colorado Headwaters Upper Colorado
12080003 Monument-Seminole Draws Upper Colorado
12080004 Mustang Draw Upper Colorado
12080005 Johnson Draw Upper Colorado
12080006 Sulphur Springs Draw Upper Colorado
12080007 Beals Upper Colorado
12080008 Upper Colorado Upper Colorado
12090101 Middle Colorado-Elm Middle Colorado-Concho
12090102 South Concho Middle Colorado-Concho
12090103 Middle Concho Middle Colorado-Concho
12090104 North Concho Middle Colorado-Concho
12090105 Concho Middle Colorado-Concho
12090106 Middle Colorado Middle Colorado-Concho
12090107 Pecan Bayou Middle Colorado-Concho
12090108 Jim Ned Middle Colorado-Concho
12090109 San Saba Middle Colorado-Concho
12090110 Brady Middle Colorado-Concho
12090201 Buchanan-Lyndon B. Johnson Lakes Middle Colorado-Llano
12090202 North Llano Middle Colorado-Llano
12090203 South Llano Middle Colorado-Llano
12090204 Llano Middle Colorado-Llano
12090205 Austin-Travis Lakes Middle Colorado-Llano
12090206 Pedernales Middle Colorado-Llano
12090301 Lower Colorado-Cummins Lower Colorado
12090302 Lower Colorado Lower Colorado
12090401 San Bernard San Bernard Coastal
12090402 East Matagorda Bay San Bernard Coastal
12100101 Lavaca Lavaca
12100102 Navidad Lavaca
12100201 Upper Guadalupe Guadalupe
12100202 Middle Guadalupe Guadalupe
12100203 San Marcos Guadalupe
12100204 Lower Guadalupe Guadalupe
12100301 Upper San Antonio San Antonio
12100302 Medina San Antonio
12100303 Lower San Antonio San Antonio
12100304 Cibolo San Antonio
12100401 East Matagorda Bay Central Texas Coastal
12100402 West Matagorda Bay Central Texas Coastal
12100403 East San Antonio Bay Central Texas Coastal
12100404 West San Antonio Bay Central Texas Coastal
12100405 Aransas Bay Central Texas Coastal
12100406 Mission Central Texas Coastal
12100407 Aransas Central Texas Coastal
12110101 Nueces Headwaters Nueces
12110102 West Nueces Nueces
12110103 Upper Nueces Nueces
12110104 Turkey Nueces
12110105 Middle Nueces Nueces
12110106 Upper Frio Nueces
12110107 Hondo Nueces
12110108 Lower Frio Nueces
12110109 San Miguel Nueces
12110110 Atascosa Nueces
12110111 Lower Nueces Nueces
12110201 North Corpus Christi Bay Southwestern Texas Coastal
12110202 South Corpus Christi Bay Southwestern Texas Coastal
12110203 North Laguna Madre Southwestern Texas Coastal
12110204 San Fernando Southwestern Texas Coastal
12110205 Baffin Bay Southwestern Texas Coastal
12110206 Palo Blanco Southwestern Texas Coastal
12110207 Central Laguna Madre Southwestern Texas Coastal
12110208 South Laguna Madre Southwestern Texas Coastal
13010001 Rio Grande Headwaters Rio Grande Headwaters
13010002 Alamosa-Trinchera Rio Grande Headwaters
13010003 San Luis Rio Grande Headwaters
13010004 Saguache Rio Grande Headwaters
13010005 Conejos Rio Grande Headwaters
13020101 Upper Rio Grande Upper Rio Grande
13020102 Rio Chama Upper Rio Grande
13020201 Rio Grande-Santa Fe Rio Grande-Elephant Butte
13020202 Jemez Rio Grande-Elephant Butte
13020203 Rio Grande-Albuquerque Rio Grande-Elephant Butte
13020204 Rio Puerco Rio Grande-Elephant Butte
13020205 Arroyo Chico Rio Grande-Elephant Butte
13020206 North Plains Rio Grande-Elephant Butte
13020207 Rio San Jose Rio Grande-Elephant Butte
13020208 Plains of San Agustin Rio Grande-Elephant Butte
13020209 Rio Salado Rio Grande-Elephant Butte
13020210 Jornada Del Muerto Rio Grande-Elephant Butte
13020211 Elephant Butte Reservoir Rio Grande-Elephant Butte
13030101 Caballo Rio Grande-Caballo
13030102 El Paso-Las Cruces Rio Grande-Caballo
13030103 Jornada Draw Rio Grande-Caballo
13040100 Rio Grande-Fort Quitman Rio Grande-Fort Quitman
13040201 Cibolo-Red Light Rio Grande-Amistad
13040202 Alamito Rio Grande-Amistad
13040203 Black Hills-Fresno Rio Grande-Amistad
13040204 Terlingua Rio Grande-Amistad
13040205 Big Bend Rio Grande-Amistad
13040206 Maravillas Rio Grande-Amistad
13040207 Santiago Draw Rio Grande-Amistad
13040208 Reagan-Sanderson Rio Grande-Amistad
13040209 San Francisco Rio Grande-Amistad
13040210 Lozier Canyon Rio Grande-Amistad
13040211 Big Canyon Rio Grande-Amistad
13040212 Amistad Reservoir Rio Grande-Amistad
13040301 Upper Devils Devils
13040302 Lower Devils Devils
13040303 Dry Devils Devils
13050001 Western Estancia Rio Grande Closed Basins
13050002 Eastern Estancia Rio Grande Closed Basins
13050003 Tularosa Valley Rio Grande Closed Basins
13050004 Salt Basin Rio Grande Closed Basins
13060001 Pecos Headwaters Upper Pecos
13060002 Pintada Arroyo Upper Pecos
13060003 Upper Pecos Upper Pecos
13060004 Taiban Upper Pecos
13060005 Arroyo Del Macho Upper Pecos
13060006 Gallo Arroyo Upper Pecos
13060007 Upper Pecos-Long Arroyo Upper Pecos
13060008 Rio Hondo Upper Pecos
13060009 Rio Felix Upper Pecos
13060010 Rio Penasco Upper Pecos
13060011 Upper Pecos-Black Upper Pecos
13070001 Lower Pecos-Red Bluff Reservoir Lower Pecos
13070002 Delaware Lower Pecos
13070003 Toyah Lower Pecos
13070004 Salt Draw Lower Pecos
13070005 Barrilla Draw Lower Pecos
13070006 Coyanosa-Hackberry Draws Lower Pecos
13070007 Landreth-Monument Draws Lower Pecos
13070008 Pecos Lower Pecos
13070009 Tunas Lower Pecos
13070010 Independence Lower Pecos
13070011 Howard Draw Lower Pecos
13070012 Lower Pecos Lower Pecos
13080001 Elm-Sycamore Rio Grande-Falcon
13080002 San Ambrosia-Santa Isabel Rio Grande-Falcon
13080003 International Falcon Reservoir Rio Grande-Falcon
13090001 Los Olmos Lower Rio Grande
13090002 Lower Rio Grande Lower Rio Grande
MEXH24Aa R. Bravo - Matamoros Mexico 24
MEXH24Ab R. Bravo - Reynosa Mexico 24
MEXH24Ac R. Bravo - Anzalduas Mexico 24
MEXH24Ba P. Marte R. Gómez Mexico 24
MEXH24Bb R. San Juan Mexico 24
MEXH24Bc R. Pesquería Mexico 24
MEXH24Bd R. Salinas Mexico 24
MEXH24Be R. San Miguel Mexico 24
MEXH24Bf R. Monterrey Mexico 24
MEXH24Bg R. Ramos Mexico 24
MEXH24Bh R. Pilón Mexico 24
MEXH24Ca R. Bravo - Cd. Mier Mexico 24
MEXH24Cb A. Saladito Mexico 24
MEXH24Cc R. Sosa Mexico 24
MEXH24Cd R. Álamo Mexico 24
MEXH24Da P. Falcón Mexico 24
MEXH24Db R. Salado - Las Tortillas Mexico 24
MEXH24Dc R. Salado - Anáhuac Mexico 24
MEXH24Dd P. Venustiano Carranza Mexico 24
MEXH24De R. Sabinas Mexico 24
MEXH24Df R. Álamos Mexico 24
MEXH24Dg R. Salado de Nadadores Mexico 24
MEXH24Dh Cuatro Ciénegas Mexico 24
MEXH24Di A. Chapote Mexico 24
MEXH24Dj A. Huizache Mexico 24
MEXH24Dk A. Zacatecas Mexico 24
MEXH24Dl R. Sabinas Hidalgo Mexico 24
MEXH24Ea R. Bravo - A. de la Coyota Mexico 24
MEXH24Eb R. Bravo - A. del Carrizo Mexico 24
MEXH24Ec R. Bravo - A. Saladito Mexico 24
MEXH24Ed R. Bravo - A. del Amole Mexico 24
MEXH24Fa R. Bravo - A. San Antonio Mexico 24
MEXH24Fb R. Bravo - R. San Rodrigo Mexico 24
MEXH24Fc R. Bravo - R. San Diego Mexico 24
MEXH24Fd R. Bravo - A. de las Vacas Mexico 24
MEXH24Ga R. Bravo - A. del Caballo Mexico 24
MEXH24Gb R. Bravo - A. del León Mexico 24
MEXH24Gc R. Bravo - A. de las Palomas Mexico 24
MEXH24Ha R. Bravo - A. de las Vetas Mexico 24
MEXH24Hb R. Bravo - A. Álamos Mexico 24
MEXH24Hc R. Bravo - R. San Antonio Mexico 24
MEXH24Hd R. Bravo - A. Ventanas Mexico 24
MEXH24He R. Bravo - A. de la Mula Mexico 24
MEXH24Hf R. Bravo - Ojinaga Mexico 24
MEXH24Ia R. Bravo - Presidio Arriba Mexico 24
MEXH24Ib R. Bravo - La Nutria Mexico 24
MEXH24Ic R. Bravo - Fuerte Quitman Mexico 24
MEXH24Id R. Bravo - Country Line Mexico 24
MEXH24Ie R. Bravo - Tornillo Mexico 24
MEXH24If R. Bravo - Island Mexico 24
MEXH24Ig R. Bravo - Cd. Juárez Mexico 24
MEXH24Ja R. Conchos - Ojinaga Mexico 24
MEXH24Jb R. Conchos - Cuchillo Parado Mexico 24
MEXH24Jc R. Conchos - Palomir Mexico 24
MEXH24Ka P. El Granero Mexico 24
MEXH24Kb R. Conchos - P. Rosetilla Mexico 24
MEXH24Kc R. Chuvíscar Mexico 24
MEXH24Kd Sacramento Mexico 24
MEXH24Ke P. Chihuahua Mexico 24
MEXH24Kf A. Bachimba Mexico 24
MEXH24Kg L. Tortuguillas y Changlapio Mexico 24
MEXH24La P. de la Boquilla Mexico 24
MEXH24Lb R. Conchos - Valle de Zaragoza Mexico 24
MEXH24Lc R. San Ignacio Mexico 24
MEXH24Ld R. Bocoyna Mexico 24
MEXH24Le R. Nonoava Mexico 24
MEXH24Lf R. Balleza Mexico 24
MEXH24Lg R. San Juan Mexico 24
MEXH24Lh R. Molinas Nuevas Mexico 24
MEXH24Ma R. Florido - Camargo Mexico 24
MEXH24Mb R. Florido - Jiménez Mexico 24
MEXH24Mc R. Florido - San Antonio Mexico 24
MEXH24Md R. Parral Mexico 24
MEXH24Me R. Valle Allende Mexico 24
MEXH24Na R. Pedro - Meoqui Mexico 24
MEXH24Nb P. Francisco I. Madero Mexico 24
MEXH24Nc R. San Pedro - Villalba Mexico 24
MEXH24Nd R. Santa Isabel Mexico 24
MEXH24Ne R. San Lorenzo Mexico 24
MEXH34Aa A. El Carrizo Mexico 34
MEXH34Ab Félix U Gómez Mexico 34
MEXH34Ac A. del Burro Mexico 34
MEXH34Ae L. del Cuervo Mexico 34
MEXH34Af L. Encinillas Mexico 34
MEXH34Ba Rancho El Cuarenta Mexico 34
MEXH34Bb A. Roma Mexico 34
MEXH34Bc R. del Carmen Mexico 34
MEXH34Ca L. Santa María Mexico 34
MEXH34Cb R. Santa María - Galeana Mexico 34
MEXH34Ce L. La Vieja Mexico 34
MEXH34Cf A. del Queso y Desierto Samalayuca Mexico 34
MEXH34Cg Rancho Trincheras Mexico 34
MEXH34Da L. Guzman Mexico 34
MEXH34Db R. Casas Grandes Mexico 34
MEXH34Dc R. Palanganas Mexico 34
MEXH34De L. Palomas Mexico 34
MEXH34Dg Hacienda San Francisco Mexico 34
MEXH34Dh A. Salto del Ojo Mexico 34
MEXH34Di R. San Pedro Mexico 34
MEXH34Dj A. Las Varas Mexico 34
MEXH34Dk R. Piedras Verdes Mexico 34
MEXH34Ea L. Bustillos Mexico 34
MEXH34Eb L. de los Mexicanos Mexico 34