A Virtual Museum on the State's Fish Biodiversity

How to Cite Models

Citation of models will be dependent on model class as model development will involve specific personnel contingent on application.

Citation for Using Class 01 Models

Labay, Ben J., Dean A. Hendrickson, and Adam E. Cohen. 2012. Fishes of Texas Project Class 01 Species Distributions Models (models). Published by Texas Natural History Collection, a division of Texas Natural Science Center, University of Texas at Austin. Accessed (insert date of data access).

There are many published applications using the maximum entropy algorithm and similar protocols as employed here (see SDM Background and Literature), but the most relavent publication to use for methodology citation would be:

Labay, B.J., A.E. Cohen, B. Sissel, D.A. Hendrickson, F.D. Martin, and S. Sarkar., 2011. Assessing historical fish community composition using surveys, historical collection data, and species distribution models. PLoS ONE 6, e25145.