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    Western Creek Chubsucker
    Erimyzon claviformis
    Specimen Details

    Verbatim Donor Data

    Donor Family: None
    Donor Genus: Erimyzon
    Donor Species: oblongus
    Donor Hybrid Species: claviformis
    Donor Subspecies: None
    Donor Num Specimens: 1
    Donor Preparation: None
    Donor Collector: Hubbs, C., W. L. Thompson and F. Dickens
    Donor Determiner: None
    Donor Specimen Notes: None
    Donor Collected Date: 1949.10.25
    Donor Field Number: None
    Donor Drainage: Neches
    Donor Country: United States
    Donor State: Texas
    Donor County: Nacogdoches
    Donor Locality: Legg Creek, 13 mi. W New Waverly
    Donor Collecting Event Remarks: None
    Donor Latitude: None
    Donor Longitude: None
    Donor Latitude DMS: None
    Donor Longitude DMS: None


    Clark Hubbs
    W.L. Thompson
    F. Dickens

    Collecting Event

    Collected: Oct. 26, 1949
    Collecting Event ID: 10255
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    Collecting Event Field Notes

    There are no field notes available yet.


    Taxon: Erimyzon claviformis
    Determiner: Agent object
    Staff Notes:
    ID notes: lateral scales: 44; MinSL(mm): 55.22; MaxSL(mm): ; Jar: 8 oz; Specimen condition: good; Mutations: none; Count Male: ; Count female: ; Extern parasites: n
    Specimen examined and identified.
    Looked up field notes for this record and found locality description was entered incorrectly in database. Hubbs field note Q49-35 reads \"Legg Creek, 5 mi S Douglass, 13 mi W Nacogdoches. Updating record by georeferencing Legg Creek in its entirety.
    Suspect Notes: None
    Number of Occurrence Records: 1


    Locality Photos
    There are no locality photos available yet.
    Ecoregion: Ecoregion object
    HUC Subbasin: Upper Angelina
    HUC Subwatershed Name: King Creek-Angelina River
    HUC 12 Code: 120200040603
    Jurisdiction: Nacogdoches, Texas
    Description: Legg Creek, entire length
    Latitude/Longitude: 31.62593 N, -94.87860 W
    Error: 5565.1 m


    Photos of this Specimen

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