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    Lake Chubsucker
    Erimyzon sucetta
    Specimen Details

    Verbatim Donor Data

    Donor Family: None
    Donor Genus: Moxostoma
    Donor Species: kennerlii
    Donor Hybrid Species: None
    Donor Subspecies: None
    Donor Num Specimens: 0
    Donor Preparation: None
    Donor Collector: Kennerly, Dr. C.B.
    Donor Determiner: None
    Donor Specimen Notes: None
    Donor Collected Date: none
    Donor Field Number: None
    Donor Drainage: None
    Donor Country: United States
    Donor State: Texas
    Donor County: Unknown
    Donor Locality: Dry Creek near Victoria
    Donor Collecting Event Remarks: None
    Donor Latitude: None
    Donor Longitude: None
    Donor Latitude DMS: None
    Donor Longitude DMS: None


    C.B. Kennerly
    W.H. Emory
    Caleb Burwell Rowan Kennerly
    William Hemsley Emory

    Collecting Event

    Collected: Jan. 1, 1854 - Dec. 31, 1854
    Collecting Event ID: 52
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    Collecting Event Field Notes

    There are no field notes available yet.


    Taxon: Erimyzon sucetta
    Determiner: Agent object
    Staff Notes:
    As per e-mail from Andrew Williston and Karsten Hartel (received Feb18,2010) - \"MCZ 2266 is a Syntype of Moxostoma kennerlii. An image is available on the MCZ webpage; our quick examination suggests this is Erimyzon, as is noted in Jordan and Evermann’s Fishes of North and Middle America, and subsequent publications including Eschmeyer’s online type catalog. This may solve your questions about the identification of this lot; presumably the type locality “Victoria, Texas” is correct.\"; I (AEC) just looked at this photo which certainly looks to be an Erimyzon; specimen is faded and frayed; was able to get a fairly accurate lateral scale count of 36-39 (prob37-38) and large eye (goes into snout slightly more than one) which according to Hubbs key is Erimyzon succeta
    Specimen examined and identified.
    Entire length is determined to be \"near\".
    Suspect Notes: None
    Number of Occurrence Records: No data


    Locality Photos
    There are no locality photos available yet.
    Ecoregion: Ecoregion object
    HUC Subbasin: Lower Guadalupe
    HUC Subwatershed Name: Saxet Lakes-Guadalupe River
    HUC 12 Code: 121002040108
    Jurisdiction: Victoria, Texas
    Description: Dry Creek, entire length
    Latitude/Longitude: 28.78471 N, -97.07328 W
    Error: 8864.3 m


    Photos of this Specimen

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