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    Shoal Chub
    Macrhybopsis hyostoma
    Specimen Details

    Verbatim Donor Data

    Donor Family: None
    Donor Genus: Macrhybopsis
    Donor Species: hyostoma
    Donor Hybrid Species: None
    Donor Subspecies: None
    Donor Num Specimens: 1
    Donor Preparation: 1 EtOH
    Donor Collector: Tulsa uncataloged collection
    Donor Determiner: Luttrell, Geffery R
    Donor Specimen Notes: size: 37mm SL
    Donor Collected Date: 1950.12.2
    Donor Field Number: TUU 50-96
    Donor Drainage: None
    Donor Country: None
    Donor State: Oklahoma
    Donor County: Rogers
    Donor Locality: Verdigris River, 1 mi. N of Highway 66
    Donor Collecting Event Remarks: None
    Donor Latitude: None
    Donor Longitude: None
    Donor Latitude DMS: 36.2227707°
    Donor Longitude DMS: -95.7291183°
    No collector information is available for this record.

    Collecting Event

    Collected: Dec. 2, 1950
    Collecting Event ID: 42130
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    Collecting Event Field Notes

    There are no field notes available yet.


    Taxon: Macrhybopsis hyostoma
    Determiner: Agent object
    Staff Notes:
    Not flagged for specimen examination. By default we accept donor specimen determinations (after synonymization to our taxonomy). If georeferenced to TX this record has been considered in spatial context with other occurrences of this species and accepted as correct.
    Suspect Notes: None
    Number of Occurrence Records: 1


    Locality Photos
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    Unknown Locality Name
    No Map Available Unknown Lat/Long

    Photos of this Specimen

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