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Mimic Shiner
Notropis volucellus
Specimen Details

Verbatim Donor Data

Donor Family: None
Donor Genus: Hybopsis
Donor Species: blennius
Donor Hybrid Species: None
Donor Subspecies: None
Donor Num Specimens: 0
Donor Preparation: None
Donor Collector: D. S. JORDAN & CH. H. GILBERT
Donor Determiner: None
Donor Specimen Notes: None
Donor Collected Date: none
Donor Field Number: None
Donor Drainage: BRAZOS
Donor Country: United States
Donor State: Texas
Donor County: Bell
Donor Locality: Rio Lampasas just below bridge on toll road5 mi. S. of Belton
Donor Collecting Event Remarks: None
Donor Latitude: None
Donor Longitude: None
Donor Latitude DMS: None
Donor Longitude DMS: None


David Starr Jordan
Charles H. Gilbert

Collecting Event

Collected: Jan. 1, 1882 - Dec. 31, 1891
Collecting Event ID: 7551
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Collecting Event Field Notes

There are no field notes available yet.


Taxon: Notropis volucellus
Determiner: Agent object
Staff Notes:
counts generally match blennius, but pharyngeals 4-4, not 4-2 2-4 as in blennius. Interorbital also not as for blennius. In range for volucellus; blennius Mississippi only; tall anterior scales also match volucellus; eye diameter 2.78; snout 2.07;HL7.84;inter orb 2.57; SL32; pre-dors16.79; belly fully scaled; LL scales36; dorsal rays8;P116;P28;anal8;pharyngeals 4-4(no sign of second row)
Specimen examined and identified.
Assumed Lampasas River at Interstate 35
\"Rio Lampasas\" is \"Lampasas River\" and \"toll\" is considered a translation mistake
Suspect Notes: None
Number of Occurrence Records: No data


Locality Photos
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Ecoregion: Ecoregion object
HUC Subbasin: Lampasas
HUC Subwatershed Name: Mitchell Branch-Lampasas River
HUC 12 Code: 120702030511
Jurisdiction: Bell, Texas
Description: Lampasas River at Interstate 35
Latitude/Longitude: 31.00216 N, -97.49208 W
Error: 43.7 m


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