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    Species Distribution Model Class 02: Downloads

    Mapped modeled probabilities of species occurrences can be viewed and model outputs formatted for analysis may be downloaded via the links below. Models available are considered the first class of models available, and as indicated by Model Class "02". Future derivations and alternate model versions will be indicated as subsequent classes. Documentation for specific methods of construction and suggested interpretation for model class 02 is found in the "FoTX SDM Documentation" section of FoTX Documentation and it is displayed below the table of links to model files.

    Model Class 02 Downloads & Metadata : SDM's

    Family Genus Species Model Class ID Raw ASCII file* Symbolized Model Figure Model Comments Common Name
    Mugilidae Agonostomus monticola 02 zip jpg Mountain Mullet
    Percidae Ammocrypta clara 02 zip jpg Western Sand Darter
    Anguillidae Anguilla rostrata 02 zip jpg American Eel
    Lepisosteidae Atractosteus spatula 02 zip jpg Alligator Gar
    Cyprinidae Campostoma ornatum 02 zip jpg Mexican Stoneroller
    Catostomidae Cycleptus elongatus 02 zip jpg This model combined records from C. elongatus with C. sp. within the Rio Grande basin. Note the lack of Colorado Records within the FoTX database cause low probabilities within that basin. Blue Sucker
    Cyprinodontidae Cyprinodon bovinus 02 zip jpg Leon Springs Pupfish
    Cyprinodontidae Cyprinodon elegans 02 zip jpg Comanche Springs Pupfish
    Cyprinidae Cyprinella lepida 02 zip jpg Plateau Shiner
    Cyprinodontidae Cyprinodon pecosensis 02 zip jpg Pecos Pupfish
    Cyprinidae Cyprinella proserpina 02 zip jpg Proserpine Shiner
    Cyprinodontidae Cyprinodon rubrofluviatilis 02 zip jpg Red River Pupfish
    Cyprinidae Cyprinella sp_Nueces_River_shiner 02 zip jpg Nueces River Shiner
    Cyprinidae Dionda argentosa 02 zip jpg Manantial Roundnose Minnow
    Cyprinidae Dionda diaboli 02 zip jpg Devils River Minnow
    Cyprinidae Dionda episcopa 02 zip jpg Roundnose Minnow
    Cyprinidae Dionda flavipinnis 02 zip jpg #N/A
    Cyprinidae Dionda serena 02 zip jpg Nueces Roundnose Minnow
    Cyprinidae Dionda sp_3 02 zip jpg Colorado Roundnose Minnow
    Cyprinidae Dionda texensis 02 zip jpg #N/A
    Catostomidae Erimyzon claviformis 02 zip jpg Western Creek Chubsucker
    Percidae Etheostoma grahami 02 zip jpg Rio Grande Darter
    Percidae Etheostoma thompsoni 02 zip jpg #N/A
    Poeciliidae Gambusia nobilis 02 zip jpg Pecos Gambusia
    Cyprinidae Hybopsis amnis 02 zip jpg Pallid Shiner
    Ictaluridae Ictalurus lupus 02 zip jpg Headwater Catfish
    Ictaluridae Ictalurus sp_Rio_Grande_Blue_Catfish 02 zip jpg #N/A
    Cyprinidae Macrhybopsis aestivalis 02 zip jpg Speckled Chub
    Cyprinidae Macrhybopsis australis 02 zip jpg Prairie Chub
    Cyprinidae Macrhybopsis hyostoma 02 zip jpg Shoal Chub
    Cyprinidae Macrhybopsis marconis 02 zip jpg Burrhead Chub
    Cyprinidae Macrhybopsis storeriana 02 zip jpg Silver Chub
    Cyprinidae Macrhybopsis tetranema 02 zip jpg Peppered Chub
    Centrarchidae Micropterus treculii 02 zip jpg Guadalupe Bass
    Catostomidae Moxostoma austrinum 02 zip jpg Mexican Redhorse
    Cyprinidae Notropis amabilis 02 zip jpg Texas Shiner
    Cyprinidae Notropis bairdi 02 zip jpg Red River Shiner
    Cyprinidae Notropis braytoni 02 zip jpg Tamaulipas Shiner
    Cyprinidae Notropis buccula 02 zip jpg Smalleye Shiner
    Cyprinidae Notropis chalybaeus 02 zip jpg Ironcolor Shiner
    Cyprinidae Notropis chihuahua 02 zip jpg Chihuahua Shiner
    Cyprinidae Notropis girardi 02 zip jpg Arkansas River Shiner
    Cyprinidae Notropis jemezanus 02 zip jpg Rio Grande Shiner
    Cyprinidae Notropis oxyrhynchus 02 zip jpg Sharpnose Shiner
    Cyprinidae Notropis potteri 02 zip jpg Chub Shiner
    Cyprinidae Notropis shumardi 02 zip jpg Silverband Shiner
    Percidae Percina apristis 02 zip jpg Guadalupe Darter
    Percidae Percina maculata 02 zip jpg Blackside Darter
    Cyprinidae Phenacobius mirabilis 02 zip jpg Suckermouth Minnow
    Cyprinidae Pteronotropis hubbsi 02 zip jpg Bluehead Shiner
    Cyprinidae Rhinichthys cataractae 02 zip jpg Longnose Dace