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  • A Virtual Museum on the State's Fish Biodiversity

    Other Contributors

    Many individuals have contributed substantially to diverse aspects of project development. As mentioned in the history section, primary contributors since the inception of the project have been Drs. Clark Hubbs (deceased), Gary Garrett and Robert Edwards. More recently, Ben Labay, Doug Martin, Jeremy Harrison and Melissa Casarez, have made significant contributions in the course of employment in the project. Many, many more have helped in diverse ways as student employees, volunteers, data and other content contributors. We list them below in alphabetical order, apologizing for any we may have missed.

    Last Name First Name Middle Initial Title Contribution
    Abraczinskas Laura Collection Manager Collection Manager
    Anderson Allison Collections Manager Database
    Anderson Mackenzie Volunteer General assistance
    Armbruster Jonathan W Museum voucher data donation
    Ayers Bob Landowner Land access
    Barrett Kate Volunteer General assistance
    Bart Henry L Curator
    Benedict Anita Collections Manager Collections Manager
    Bentley Andrew L Collection Manager Collection Manager
    Brinkman Mark Doctoral Student Collector
    Brooks Henry Landowner Land access
    Bugh Val G Volunteer General assistance
    Bunch Bill Executive Director Advisor
    Buoy Seanne Volunteer General assistance
    Burr Brooks M Curator Curator
    Candy Mary Collection Manager Collection Manager
    Cartwright Sara Collection Manager
    Casarez Melissa Staff Core worker in various critical tasks
    Catania David Collection Manager Collection Manager
    Cathey Sara Volunteer General assistance
    Chakrabarty Prosanta Curator Curator
    Chapel Jessica Volunteer General assistance
    Cohen Ethan A Volunteer Database advise
    Corey Horan Aquatic Biologist Administrative
    Crawford Brandon Land Steward Land access
    Criswell Katie Staff
    Crow Justin Volunteer General assistance
    Davis Drew R Volunteer General assistance
    Douglas Marlis R Curator
    Douglas Neil Curator Curator
    Dugan Laura UT Doctoral Student - Temporary/hourly GIS
    Echelle Anthony E Curator
    Edwards Robert J Professor Core worker in various critical tasks, Taxa authority,
    Elder Nancy University of Texas librarian Information technology advice
    Ellis Todd Volunteer General assistance
    Espinosa Sebastian Volunteer General assistance
    Esposito Gena Volunteer General assistance, Data Entry
    Feitosa Leonardo Volunteer General assistance
    Findley Lloyd T Professor Common names
    Fischer Margaret Director of Operations Administrative
    Foley Dan Curator Curator
    Forgacs Noemi Volunteer General assistance
    French Connor Volunteer General assistance
    Gaby Montemayor Professor Common names
    Gallner John Systems Analyst Database advise
    Garcia-Viesca Christina Volunteer General assistance
    Garrett Gary P Senior Research Biologist Core worker in various critical tasks, Taxa authority,
    Gill Anthony Curator Curator
    Gillespie Hayley Volunteer General assistance
    Gordon Wendy Program Leader, Nongame and rare species
    Nongame & Rare Species
    Institutional liaison
    Gordon Andrew Volunteer General assistance
    Harrison Jeremy Staff
    Hartel Karsten E Collection Manager Collection Manager
    Hastings Phil Curator Curator
    Haywood Keene Manager, New Media Group Website advise, Advisor
    Hersh Eric UT Doctoral Student GIS data donation, Advisor
    Higby Gina Volunteer General assistance
    Hodges Wendy Staff
    Hornung Kelsey Volunteer General assistance
    Huang Terry Volunteer General assistance
    Hulsey Darrin Curator Curator
    Johnson Helen Volunteer General assistance
    Kuhajda Bernard Collection Manager Collection Manager
    Labay Ben J FoTX staff Georeferencing, Core worker in various critical tasks
    Lamb Marissa Volunteer General assistance
    Last name First name Middle initial Position Role
    Lecroy Sara E Curator Curator
    Lemus Manuel Photographer
    Lovelace Joann Volunteer Georeferencing
    Lozano-Vilano Maria de Lourdes Curator Curator
    Lundberg John G Curator Museum voucher data donation
    Maisano John Exhibit Artist Museum exhibits
    Marsh-Matthews Edie Curator
    Martin Floyd (Doug) D Staff Core worker in various critical tasks, Determiner, Collector
    Matthews William J Professor
    Maxwell Robby Volunteer Collector
    McCormick Stephanie Collection Manager
    McCune Amy Curator Curator
    Meyer Cydney Volunteer Collector
    Morton Karen Collection Manager
    Murphy George L Volunteer Georeferencing
    Neinast Alexandra Volunteer General assistance
    Nelson Douglas W Collection Manager
    Page Larry Curator Curator
    Patenia Claire Volunteer Collector
    Peitsch Theodore W Curator Curator
    Petzold Frank Curator
    Prather James Volunteer General assistance
    Prestridge Heather L Assistant Curator Assistant Curator
    Pulliam Lauren Volunteer General assistance
    Ray Brandon R Volunteer Collector
    Rayes Alex
    Volunteer General assistance
    Reilly Susannah Volunteer Collector
    Rios Nelson Collection Manager
    Rosales Jessica Collections Manager Core worker in various critical tasks, Collector, Photographer
    Ross Stephen T Museum voucher data donation
    Runte Beck Volunteer General assistance
    Shelton Stephanie Volunteer General assistance
    Siegenthaler Terri Land Steward Land access
    Sneegas Garold W Photographer
    Snyder Lex Collection Manager Collection Manager
    Starnes Wayne Curator of Fish Museum voucher data donation
    Stiassney Melanie Curator Curator
    Syptak Ann Volunteer General assistance
    Tan Wenxian Volunteer General assistance
    Theriot Edward Director Administrative
    Tomelleri Joe Illustrator
    Trautz Zoe Volunteer General assistance
    Trevino Laurel Volunteer General assistance
    Truong Anh Volunteer General assistance
    Vu Thao Volunteer General assistance
    Waegemann Antya Volunteer General assistance
    Wakou Dora Volunteer Collector
    Wall Jameson Volunteer Collector, General assistance
    Westneat Mark W Curator Museum voucher data donation
    Westwick Rebecca Volunteer General assistance
    Williams Jeff T Collection Manager Collection Manager
    Zeplin Gary Volunteer General assistance

    We gratefully acknowledge the institutions that maintain those collections and provided their data, as well as the thousands of collectors who since the 1850's deposited specimens in those collections.

    Without all of these people and institutions this project obviously would not have been possible.

    Finally, we acknowledge in advance all of those site users who we hope will soon add their comments and content to the overall project.