A Virtual Museum on the State's Fish Biodiversity

Institutions Contributing Data

All data donors and associated information are listed below. Institution codons conform to the American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists' (Sabaj Pérez, 2010) accepted codons except in rare instances for those institutions that requested that we use different codons. Note that many institutions have subsumed smaller collections during their histories and thus this list indirectly includes many more collections. The TNHC, for example, has acquired and subsumed collections formerly at University of Texas Marine Science Institute (UTMSI), Midwestern State University (MWSU), Texas Tech University (TTU), Texas A&M University at Kingsville (TAIC), The University of Texas at Brownsville (UTB), Lamar University, and continues to acquire additional "orphaned" collections.

For a complete summary of our project's data and status users should look at this table as well as Version Tracking, Data Tracks and What's New.

Full Online Access Permission granted? Data Track (see Data Tracks) ASIH Codon FoTX Codon Name Collection Curator Collection website Institutional website
Yes 1,2 AMNH AMNH American Museum of Natural History Barbara Brown http://research.amnh.org/vz/ichthyology/index.php http://www.amnh.org/
Yes 1,2 ANSP ANSP The Academy of Natural Sciences John G. Lundberg http://www.ansp.org/research/biodiv/ichthyology/index.php http://www.ansp.org/
Yes 1,3 ASU ASU Arizona State University Thomas Dowling http://sols.asu.edu/collections/index.php http://www.asu.edu/
Yes 1,2 AUM AUM Auburn University Jonathan W. Armbruster http://www.auburn.edu/cosam/collections/fish/index.htm http://www.auburn.edu
Yes 1,2 SMBU SMBU and BU-MMC-BB Baylor University, Mayborn Museum Complex (previously the Strecker Museum; curator's preferred codon is: BU_MMC; two fish collections held here) Anita Benedict http://www.baylor.edu/mayborn/ http://www.baylor.edu/
Yes 1,2 CAS CAS California Academy of Sciences Tomio Iwamoto (retired) http://research.calacademy.org/research/ichthyology/collection/index.asp http://www.calacademy.org
Yes 2 CMNFI CMNFI Canadian Museum of Nature Fish Collection   http://nature.ca/en/research-collections/our-collections/vertebrate-collections http://www.nature.ca/
Yes 1,2 CU CU Cornell University Museum of Vertebrates, Cornell University John Friel http://www.cumv.cornell.edu/collections/fishes http://www.cornell.edu/
Yes 1 DMNH DMNH Perot Museum of Nature and Science Dr. Anthony Fiorillo http://www.perotmuseum.org/about-the-perot/collections/index.html http://www.perotmuseum.org/
Yes 1,2 FMNH FMNH Field Museum of Natural History Mark W. Westneat http://fieldmuseum.org/explore/our-collections/fishes-collection http://fieldmuseum.org/
Yes 1 GCRL GCRL Gulf Coast Research Laboratory, University of Southern Mississippi Sara E. LeCroy http://www.usm.edu/gcrl/museum http://www.usm.edu/
Yes 1,2 INHS INHS Illinois Natural History Survey Chris Taylor http://www.inhs.uiuc.edu http://www.inhs.uiuc.edu
Yes 2 JFBM JFBM Bell Museum of Natural History, University of Minnesota Andrew M. Simons http://www.bellmuseum.org/fish.html http://www.bellmuseum.org/index.html
Yes 1,2 KU KU Natural History Museum and Biodiversity Research Center, University of Kansas Edward O. Wiley www.nhm.ku.edu/fishes/ www.nhm.ku.edu
Yes 1,2 LSUMZ LSUMZ Louisiana State University Prosanta Chakrabarty http://appl003.lsu.edu/natsci/lmns.nsf/index http://www.lsu.edu/
Yes 1 MCZ MCZ Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University Karel Liem http://www.mcz.harvard.edu/Departments/Ichthyology/index.html http://www.harvard.edu/
pending 3 MMNS MMNS Mississippi Museum of Natural Science Matt Roberts http://museum.mdwfp.com/science/bio_fish.html http://museum.mdwfp.com/
Yes 1,2 MSB MSB Museum of Southwestern Biology, University of New Mexico Thomas F. Turner http://www.msb.unm.edu/fishes/index.html http://www.unm.edu/
Yes 1 MSUM MSU Michigan State University     http://www.msu.edu/
Yes 1 NCSM NCSM North Carolina State Museum of Natural Sciences Wayne C. Starnes http://collections.naturalsciences.org/ http://www.naturalsciences.org/
Yes 1,3 NLU NLU University of Louisiana at Monroe Neil Douglas   http://www.ulm.edu/
Yes 1 OMNH OMNH Oklahoma Museum of Natural History, University of Oklahoma Edie Marsh-Matthews http://www.snomnh.ou.edu/ http://www.ou.edu/web.html
Yes 1 OSUS OSU Oklahoma State University Anthony A.Echelle   http://osu.okstate.edu/welcome/
Yes 2 ROM ROM Royal Ontario Museum Richard Winterbottom http://www.rom.on.ca/collections/index.php www.rom.on.ca
Yes 1,2 SIO SIO Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California, San Diego Phil Hastings http://collections.ucsd.edu/mv/index.cfm http://sio.ucsd.edu/
Yes 1,2 SIUC SIUC Southern Illinois University Brooks M. Burr http://fisheries.siuc.edu/ http://www.siu.edu/
Yes 1 SRSU SRSU Sul Ross State University Chris Ritzi http://www.sulross.edu/pages/3068.asp http://www.sulross.edu
Yes 1,2 TCWC TCWC Texas Cooperative Wildlife Collections, Texas A&M University Kevin W. Conway http://wfscnet.tamu.edu/tcwc/tcwc.htm http://www.tamu.edu/
Yes 1,2,3 TNHC TNHC Texas Natural History Collections, University of Texas at Austin Dean Hendrickson http://www.utexas.edu/tmm/tnhc/fish/index.html http://www.utexas.edu/
Yes 1,2 TU TU Tulane Museum of Natural History, Tulane University Henry L. Bart http://www.museum.tulane.edu/ http://tulane.edu/
Yes 1,2 UAIC UAIC University of Alabama Ichthyological Collection, University of Alabama Phillip Harris http://www.as.ua.edu/scf/page6/page6.html http://www.as.ua.edu/biology/
Yes 1 UANL UANL Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León Maria de Lourdes Lozano-Vilano   http://www.uanl.mx/
Yes 1,2 UF UF Florida Museum of Natural History, University of Florida Larry Page http://www.flmnh.ufl.edu/fish/Collection/collection.htm http://www.flmnh.ufl.edu/
Yes 1,2,3 UMMZ UMMZ University of Michigan William L. Fink http://www.ummz.lsa.umich.edu/ http://www.umich.edu/
Yes 2 USM USM University of Southern Mississippi Jake Schaefer http://ichthyology.usm.edu/usm/index.php http://www.usm.edu/
Yes 1,2 USNM USNM National Museum of Natural History Lynne Parenti http://collections.nmnh.si.edu/vzfishes/pages/nmnh/vz/DtlQueryFishes.php http://vertebrates.si.edu/fishes/
Yes 1,2 UT UT University of Tennessee Darrin Hulsey http://www.bio.utk.edu/hulseylab/form.html http://www.utk.edu/
Yes 1,2 UW UW University of Washington Theodore W. Pietsch http://www.washington.edu/burkemuseum/collections/ichthyology/index.php http://www.washington.edu/
pending 3 YPM YPM Yale Peabody Museum   http://peabody.yale.edu/collections/vertebrate-zoology/ichthyology http://peabody.yale.edu/
Yes 2   SAIAB National Fish Collection of South Africa Willem Coetzer http://jaws.saiab.ac.za/infoportal/ http://www.saiab.ac.za/
Yes 2   SHVM Sam Houston State University Chad W. Hargrave http://www.shsu.edu/~shsvm/ http://www.shsu.edu/
pending 2   ASUMZ Arkansas State University Museum of Zoology – Fish Collection   http://biology.astate.edu/Default.htm http://www.uark.edu/home/
Yes 2   UAFS University of Arkansas at Fort Smith (formerly University of West Arkansas) Thomas M. Buchanan   http://www.uafortsmith.edu/Home/Index
pending 2   TMM Vertebrate Paleontology Laboratory, University of Texas Matt Brown http://www.utexas.edu/tmm/vpl/ http://www.utexas.edu/

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Fishes of Texas Project data donors (track 1 and 2 only) showing location and relative contribution of records.
Note that records from the National Fish Collection of South Africa in Grahamstown, Eastern Cape are not shown here.