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Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any inquiry about any aspect of data management or quality. We hope that by making this resource available to diverse users they will help us find and correct errors and generally improve it, and so we welcome all kinds of comments.

In many cases Fishes of Texas staff edited the donor-provided data but the original verbatim data from donor institutions are displayed alongside the edited version in the online record views. Users should always review the verbatim data before analyses. University of Texas and the Fishes of Texas project takes no responsibility for misuse of data provided by this website. Furthermore, since all data come initially from donor institutions and are continually subject to the possibility of revision by the donor in their independent databases subsequent to inclusion in the Fishes of Texas database, it is highly recommended that users verify especially questionable records found here with donor institutions. We believe our edits to be accurate and fully justified, and we try to keep our data synchronized as much as possible with revisions made at contributing institutions, however, we appreciate users keeping us apprised of any discrepancies they might find between our copy of the data and that found in the data donors’ databases. We recommend that users feel free to question anything by e-mailing us or commenting via our online forms.

All materials in this website are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. The correct citation format can be found here. In addition to citing the Fishes of Texas project, our data donors require that they be specifically acknowledged or cited as well when their data are used. Please use our comments forms or email to provide us citations (in RIS or other standard format if possible) and PDF’s of products resulting from use of this data.

Materials in our digital library can be used under these same terms. However, illustrations provided by Joseph Tomelleri are used here with the explicit permission of Mr. Tomelleri, who retains the copyright. Users of this site must contact him for permission to use any images available here. See Mr. Tomelleri’s website www.americanfishes.com for more information.