A Virtual Museum on the State's Fish Biodiversity


Using our Data tab (on www.fishesoftexas.org) at this time it is not possible to search for hybrids with our edited taxa selection fields (i.e. searches for any parent species in those fields will not retrieve hybrids). Hybrids will only show up in queries that do not include any of our edited taxonomic fields. At this time users wanting to query hybrid records specifically should go to the Taxonomy tab (www.fishesoftexas.org) and, using the "jump to a taxon" window, type in the taxon of interest (do not use the tree to search for your hybrid of interest). Upon typing, lists of all taxa in the database will appear. Select the hybrid of interest to open the taxa page where there will be a link to the associated records. Note that hybrids are often listed twice - for example, records for "Lepomis cyanellus X macrochirus" can also be found as "Lepomis macrochirus X cyanellus" and a comprehensive search of our database would include both queries. Also note that CSV and KML downloads of these data are not possible at this time. We are working to make hybrids query-able via our main query page including data downloads like other taxa in the database.